These blocks are intended to be an aid of understanding and composing architectural spaces. These Aida Blocks, I have named them, can be used seriously or playfully, depending on the individual. Thinking of the shapes, one might wonder what sort of shapes should be organized, with experiences a feeling of both anticipation and uncertainty- As if it is a little opening Pandora's box.

Contents of architectural blocks"AIDA BLOCK"

cubes, cuboid blocks, triangular prisms and pillars in the box.

Design process of Toy Block House

You can use these blocks as both objects and voids depending on the situation. And you replace these blocks to material things such as concrete, metal, glass and planting. Then they are translated to actual architecture.
Process1: At the beginning, you have to suppose about planning and form of architecture.
Process2: You may add many blocks, in order to study the volume of a space.
Process3: You may define the voids which are between blocks as space of rooms.
Process4: Through reviews of the space, planning, form and shape, You may pile and remove blocks.
Process5: Studying with Toy Blocks is early, so you can study design a lot.
Process6: You should start building design by the model studied with Toy Blocks piled.